Say Again? – Echoed at the International Quarry Conference

In early October, Sean Taylor addressed the annual Institute of Quarrying Australia conference on the significance of inclusion and diversity and the work Komatsu is doing to encourage the employment of women in industrial organisations – a goal he has personally committed to as a Male Champion of Change.

Sean emphasised that the key to finding the best talent is to make our business more welcoming and attractive to women.  “This involves leadership to achieve cultural change.” At Komatsu, change starts with everyONE counts – our Inclusion and Diversity Strategy that aims to build a culture where we value every individual’s contribution (Every One) as well as the contribution of the collective (Everyone).

Inclusive culture is an essential element of the everyONE counts strategy and it starts with Say Again?Say Again? is a way to call out inappropriate behaviour especially everyday sexism, without being confrontational.  If you hear someone make a sexist or inappropriate comment, simply respond with “Say Again?”.  By doing so you give the person a chance to think about what they have said and rephrase it.

Sean shared some of our successes.  More women applying for and offered apprenticeships and graduate positions, more women moving into sales and sales management roles and more women becoming Branch and Service Managers. 

A more diverse Komatsu will lead to greater innovation.  One of the founding principles of Komatsu almost 100 years ago, was around innovation and the adoption of new technology.  Indeed, we honour that commitment visually in the raised “T” in the Komatsu brand mark.

So, it makes sense that Sean advocates for being inclusive and valuing diversity in the industries we work in as it fosters the innovation that gives us the competitive advantage.  In closing, Sean played the Say Again? leadership video, available on Our Kommunity, to the Quarrying Australia conference delegates, sending a powerful message that Komatsu is serious about empowering its people, leading the way in the extractive industry as a respectful and inclusive organisation