Single Sign-On for Komtrax

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What is Komtrax SSO?

In short, Komtrax Single Sign-On (SSO) simplifies the sign-in process to Komtrax by using multifactor authentication instead of the standard username and password.


What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication, also known as two-step verification, provides additional security by using a second form of authentication through a range of easy to use authentication methods:

  • • Phone call
  • • Text message code, or
  • • Mobile app-based

Komtrax SSO multifactor authentication is managed through Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


What are the benefits of Komtrax SSO?

1. Additional security is applied to your account whilst improving ease of access to Komtrax.

2. Simplified sign-in process: Once you have signed up for Komtrax SSO, username and password entry will not be required to access Komtrax in future.

3. With SSO, your Komtrax password will also not expire, so no more password resetting will be required.

What do I need to do?

If you don’t currently have a Komtrax account, please contact us:


Phone: +612 9795 8568

You will then be sent an invitation to set up your account for the first time. This process is detailed in the SSO manual (available for download at the top of the page).

Once setup, you can access Komtrax at:

Does SSO apply to the Komtrax Mobile Application?

Yes, the Komtrax mobile application now uses SSO to authenticate you.

The app can be accessed at:


What if I need help?
The SSO manual, available for download at the top of the page, takes you through the process of setting up your account, including a troubleshooting section.