Smart Solutions

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Komatsu’s Smart Solutions brings advanced analytics, including trends analysis, to the mining industry allowing us to continually receive data off machines within seconds – rather than every few hours.


Through Smart Solutions, Komatsu is taking mining equipment and minesite performance, productivity and safety to the next level.


This includes leveraging the Internet of Things (IoT) to greatly enhance the insights we are receiving from our machines out on-site. This powers our advanced data-based decision making processes that are essential to today’s modern mining operation.


By using our big data capabilities, we can apply trends knowledge to the data we are capturing.
This means that rather than receiving alarms and alerts as an issue arises, we are getting predictive information – ensuring that we know about a failure or machine issue well in advance of it happening.


Komatsu’s Smart Solutions teams collaborate with mine management and onsite personnel to determine the best mix of equipment, services, training, technology, monitoring and data analytics options to create value for our customers.


Our Smart Solutions offerings are customised to each customer’s specific needs and designed to deliver the lowest cost per metric tonne in alignment with your financial and operating goals.


Optimising mine performance to achieve the lowest cost per tonne and enhance safety is now more achievable than ever – thanks to the increasing amount of data and information available in real-time.