COVID-19 - Fourth Customer Update

Helping to protect our people, our customers
and our communities

At Komatsu we continue to align and exceed Federal and State guidelines regarding travel restrictions, social distancing, self-isolation, personal and workplace hygiene. Our actions are designed to help protect the lives and livelihoods of our people, our customers, our communities and our business partners.

Komatsu is trading as normal whilst adhering to our strict protocols. This enables us to support our customers, including those categorised as a Permitted Business under state guidelines.

We continue to take the following steps to mitigate the business risks associated with COVID-19. These steps ensure we execute targeted, expedient, and effective business continuity plans and manage the return to work process with care and diligent monitoring.

Planning Team: The community transmission of COVID-19 differs by state and country in our region and the situation is very fluid. We continually review and update our protocols as guidelines and standards set by government and industry evolve, such as those set by the Minerals Council of Australia. The planning team have introduced a Hot Spot and Lockdown Strategy that enables Komatsu to implement change within 48 hours of hot spots identified and/or government lockdown announcements affecting areas near or at our branch locations. The plan was executed in Victoria and more recently, in New Zealand with all staff adhering to the new protocols.

Workforce Actions

Victoria: All Komatsu employees who cannot work from home have been provided Permitted Worker documentation, have all signed Health Declaration Forms and carry Identification. In addition, they have completed COVID-19 Training and carry Certificates of Confirmation. To keep them and your staff safe, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been provided to all employees.

New Zealand (NZ): On Monday 31 August Auckland moved to alert level 2 in line with the rest of New Zealand. Auckland branch is now back to full operation, including field and workshop servicing. Nationwide we can quote, take orders, build machines and complete deliveries. We can meet customers face to face and customers are able to visit our branches, while practicing social distancing, good hygiene and track and trace. Our Parts Distribution Centre operates at full capacity and continues to dispatch customer parts orders and receive overseas freight. Our nationwide service team capability remains strong and employees have been educated in COVID-19 protocols to keep customers, employees and the wider community safe.

Greater Sydney and Wollongong, NSW: Our Service, Parts Supply and Assembly operations have continued to operate uninterrupted in accordance with Komatsu COVID-19 protocols. In July we requested that all office-based employees work from home. Since the cases in Greater Sydney/Wollongong have declined and steadied over the past fortnight, employees are able to work from the office 50% of their time if they adhere to additional protocols. These include wearing masks on public transport, temperature checks and hand sanitizing upon arrival, packing own lunch, and wearing masks in common office areas.

Wacol, QLD: All Wacol-based employees, contractors and visitors must visit the onsite
paramedic for a temperature check and symptom verbal assessment before accessing the
Wacol facilities. Employees have been asked to check the list of places visited by the Wacol
COVID-19 positive cases and follow the state government guidelines if they were at a place (or
places) identified, on the same date and within the time. We request that customers wishing to
visit Wacol and Hemmant contact their Komatsu representative as all site visit requests will
undergo a business requirement assessment. Your safety is important to us.

We have implemented additional protections for our workshop areas which are activated as the
government announces hot spot areas that are geographically aligned to our facilities or hot
spots where a large proportion of or workforce live. This is to ensure we are taking all practical
measures to protect the supply of machines, parts and completion of service and maintenance
work for our customers.

The details of all Komatsu’s COVID-19 protocols are conveniently available in a single
brochure for our customers, partners and employees. The brochure can be found on our website at

Parts Supply Chain: We continue daily communication with our factories and supply partners,
both locally and globally. We remain confident at meeting the parts requests of our customers

  •     ✓  Our daily monitoring and reporting of changes impacting global and local parts
  •          suppliers shows no effect on our regular parts supply for Australia, New Zealand
  •          and New Caledonia.
  •     ✓  We continue to place stock orders on our suppliers based on our standard internal
  •          protocols with the additional distribution of high demand parts to branches as a
  •          mitigation strategy in the event we do incur supply issues from our distribution
  •          centres in the future.

    ✓  We are in daily discussions with air, land and sea transport partners and envisage
         minor delays where shipments are received in Sydney for dispatch to Western

    ✓  We continue refining our planning process to consider future demand and recent
         buying patterns in this unusual period, strengthening the security of parts supply
         moving forward.

    ✓  We understand that changes imposed by governments can affect our security of
         supply and timely parts delivery to our customers. Our mitigation strategy includes
         scenario planning that may result in the modification of existing procedures to
         maintain parts supply to our customers.

    ✓  In our warehouses and distribution centres we have gone to great lengths with our
         workforce practices, rosters, and hygiene to ensure we can continue to supply parts
         to our customers.

Our supply chain has fully recovered from the TOLL outage that affected our delivery services
in recent months. TOLL have subsequently implemented an overarching cyber resilience
program including hardening their network perimeter to prevent attackers gaining foothold,
completing a Multi-Factor Authentication rollout for all remote access and carrying out
cleansing and scanning activities across servers, systems and devices.

Customer Support: Komatsu has a formal machine disinfection procedure that ensures all
machine touch points are sanitised before and after we work on customer equipment. In
addition, we continue to restrict access to our sites, which include temperature testing and
recording of visitor name and contact details.

Manufacturing, Equipment Assembly and Reman Components: To date our employees
carry on working under the Komatsu COVID-19 protocols and state regulations, and there is no
impact to machine deliveries or reman components. We continue to monitor our production
schedules in conjunction with supply chain changes to determine possible delays. While we are
not anticipating delays, should this change we will work with our customers to achieve the best

Contacting Komatsu: Our customers are always welcome to talk with us by phone, email or
online. However, if you need a Komatsu employee to visit your site, our people will observe
state and customer protocols, carry the appropriate documentation and PPE and have
completed a daily health declaration confirming they have none of the standard COVID-19

We have avenues to contact us to help achieve supply chain continuity and observe the social
distancing protocols.

  1. ​  1. Online Customer Portal: or
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           b. Purchase via Credit Card (e.g. Cash Sale) or on account

      2. Komatsu Customer Support Centre:

           a. For those customers that prefer to speak to a CSR or have a more complex
               enquiry, 24/7, 100% contactless process

           b. Purchase via Credit Card (e.g. Cash Sale) or on account

    Komatsu is intent on doing everything we can to stop the spread of the virus as an obligation to our
    people, our customers, our business partners and our community.

    If you have additional questions or require further information, please contact your Komatsu