Komatsu Reman Parts & Components

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Komatsu Reman Parts & Components
When the components in your Komatsu equipment reach the point of needing overhaul or replacement, our premium Reman (remanufacturing) service gives you a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a new component.
All Komatsu Reman components are rebuilt from scratch in dedicated facilities located in Brisbane and Perth, to original factory tolerances and criteria.
Komatsu Reman products include engines and engine components, transmissions, power modules, final drives, cylinders, hydraulic pumps, motors, differentials, electric wheel motors and more.

Our Reman service includes the option of replacing your components from our existing Reman stocks, or applying the Komatsu Reman process to components taken from your own fleet. 
Komatsu Reman is part of Komatsu Component Solutions, which also includes:Komatsu-Aus-Reman-(2).jpg
•    Komponent Exchange, offering you the flexibility to change out a single component or your whole fleet.
•    Rebuild or Repair & Return service, tailored to meet your specific component needs.