Komtrax is Komatsu’s complimentary remote monitoring system. Komtrax harnesses satellite and mobile based Information Communication Technology (ICT) data to allow you to monitor the location, health and performance of every machine in your fleet – whether a single machine or hundreds of units.


Komtrax is completely compatible with the latest smartphones, tablets and computers, ensuring you have access to your information on any device at any time.


Wherever your equipment is operating in Australia, Komtrax constantly checks operational conditions and status to help you maximise machine safety, productivity, uptime and availability.


You can also customise your own interface to meet your own fleet and project management requirements, so it’s easy to track and assess the performance of each machine.


And because Komtrax constantly monitors the location of each machine, it’s a vital tool in keeping track of where they are.


Using an interactive map, you can easily access telemetry data on each of your Komtrax-equipped machines at a glance on your computer or your mobile.