Smart Construction Dashboard

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Visualise your data


Komatsu Smart Construction Dashboard combines 3D design data with aerial mapping and intelligent machine data to confirm quantities.


How can the dashboard assist you?



Gain greater project clarity




1. Visualise your job site in 3D with design data, aerial mapping (drone) data and machine as-built data all in one easy-to-integrate location.


Choose what to measure




2. Easily quantify volumetric production measurements for the whole site or defined areas of interest: initial survey vs. design, today vs. design, or comparing any day in-between.


Measure stockpile quantities




3. Users can make stockpile measurements in a snap for material quantities, reporting interms of volumes, tonnage, and even assign costs to material.


More benefits


Collaborate in the portal 




4. Easily generate industry-standard cut/fill colour mappings for staff to visualise material movements, creating standardised reports for download, email or print.


Reimagine the possible




5. Know how much material you’re moving between flights by using your machine’s as-built data.


Visualise your site progress




6. Monitor your site progress with timeline functions, including playback, for the whole site. Investigate more deeply with cross sections and individual measurements.


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