Komatsu has launched its new Komtrax, a complimentary remote monitoring system that provides access to specific machine data and jobsite management via an improved interface. With an interactive map, you can easily access telemetry data at a glance on your computer or your mobile.

•    Komatsu’s Komtrax remote monitoring system uses satellite-based Information Communication Technology (ICT) and telemetry to provide constant monitoring of every Komatsu machine in your fleet to reduce your costs per tonne and per hour.
•    Komtrax is constantly checking operational conditions and status to help you maximise machine safety, productivity, uptime and availability.
•    Komtrax is completely compatible with the latest smartphones, tablets and computers, ensuring you have access to information faster and in an easily understood format. 

You can also customise your own interface to meet your own fleet and project management requirements, so it’s easy to track and assess the performance of each machine. And because Komtrax constantly monitors the location of each machine, it’s a vital tool in keeping track of where they are – including if one is stolen.

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Komtrax offers multiple added benefits including:

1. Improved interface
With a more user-friendly and intuitive look and feel, users will be able to better navigate through the site. Data is displayed in a more structured and meaningful way so users can rapidly understand content and maximise the value of Komtrax.

2. Interactive View with Google Maps
Through map or satellite view, users can easily see telemetry data at a glance. By zooming in the interactive map, users can click to see machine data and view a route to the machine. Additionally, step by step directions to the machine is a few mouse clicks away.

3. Enhanced search tool
The new website features a new unified search field allowing users to search across various criteria such as model, type, sub type, serial number etc. Users can also pre-set their search settings, thus save time having to re-input the same search criteria in future.

4. Jobsite Management
By tracking their machine, users can easily view and manage how many hours their machines have worked and the amount of fuel it consumes allowing for better performance management of their fleet.

Komtrax features:

•    Fleet Management - Improves your fleet utilisation.
•    Machine Location - Helps identify the exact geographic location of your machine. 
•    Work Monitoring - Reports on what your machine is doing. 
•    Security - Locks your machine remotely, for added anti-theft and safety measures.
•    Machine Performance - Monitors whether your machine requires service or maintenance.

For more information about Komtrax contact us:
Phone:  1300 566 287
Email: komtrax@komatsu.com.au