Komtrax Remote Monitoring

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Komtrax is Komatsu’s remote monitoring system – supplied free of charge with all new and Komatsu Premium Used equipment – that provides access to specific machine data and jobsite management through a recently updated and improved user interface.


You can access Komtrax by pointing your smartphone or tablet at the QR codes on the screen.



Access Komtrax




For more information about Komtrax contact us:
Phone: 1300 566 287
Email: komtrax@komatsu.com.au


  • Question 1: How does Komtrax work?

    • GPS satellite and mobile network provides position information to your machine. 
    • The Komtrax unit in your machine gathers engine and position data, and transmits this information to our Komtrax data centre.
    • Komtrax data centre stores and distributes this information for the entirety of the machine’s life.
    • You can access data stored by the Komtrax data centre using your desktop or laptop computer, smartphone or tablet.

  • Question 2: Benefits of Komtrax?

    • Service Meter Reading
    • Identifying physical address
    • Geofencing an area requested by the customer
    • Actual fuel consumption/ average hourly fuel consumption/ residual fuel level
    • Dashboard cautions
    • Maintenance reminders/ notifications
    • Six-digit abnormality code
    • Forced lock/ “Night Time” lock/ calendar lock
    • Out of Area alerts
    • Movement generated position reports
    • Actual working hours (engines operating periods throughout the day)
    • Attachment working hours
    • Operation hours in each work mode (economy, power, breaker, lifting), including: - Digging hours - Hoisting hours - Travel hours - Breaker usage hours - Hydraulic relief hours - Eco-mode usage hours – Load frequency (hours spent in four different load levels determined by pump pressures or engine torque)

  • Question 3: How do I get Komtrax?

    Komtrax is a complimentary service and fitted onto all Komatsu machines. To see if your machine is enabled please contact the Komtrax department.

  • Question 4: How much does Komtrax cost?

    To ensure we deliver the best service possible, Komtrax is free of charge throughout the life of your machine.