Types of Apprenticeships

Plant Mechanic - AUR31220 – Cert III in Mobile Plant Technology

Plant mechanics repair and maintain industrial, agricultural, construction and mining equipment. Plant mechanics use a range of tools to diagnose the faults in plant machinery and determine what repairs need to be made. They do this maintenance on a range of machinery to minimise downtime and meet maintenance schedules.

Learn how to repair and replace electrical and electronic circuit systems, carry out periodical maintenance inspections, diagnose and repair engines and engine components, repair mobile plant braking systems, hydraulic fluid power systems, transmissions, drive assembles and tracked type drive and support systems.


Auto – Electrician - AUR30320 Cert III in Automotive Electrical Technology

Automotive Electricians are qualified to install new electrical parts or repair and maintain electrical wiring and components in a variety of industries from motor vehicles, heavy commercial, earthmoving and mining equipment. Working as an Automotive Electrician you will be exposed to tasks that include 12V to 24V, testing alternators, starter motors and other electrical components. You will also be qualified to undertake work on systems such as electronic ignition and air conditioning.

Automotive electricians install, maintain and repair electrical wiring and electronic components and they dismantle and remove electrical components, adjust engine control systems, and repair and replace faulty ignitions and wiring. 


Electrician - UEE30820 - Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

As an Apprentice Electrician you will be working on a range of equipment that produce high voltage output. The work entails diagnosing and repairing high voltage electrical systems, overhauling electric wheel motors & alternators and routine maintenance inspections to ensure the equipment is running at optimum performance. Overhaul on equipment may entail changing of major components engine, alternator, capacitors & wheel motors. It may also include replacing of main electric cables/ or changing of cable terminals as well as access to our Hybrid excavator technology. This work can be expected to be down across our range of Electric Drive Dump Trucks, Wheel Loaders, Rope Shovels and more.


Mechanical Fitter - MEM30219 - Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade

As an Apprentice Mechanical Fitter you will learn to use a range of tools and engineering techniques to maintain and repair underground and surface mechanical and hydraulic mobile plant equipment and stationary machinery to the manufacturers repair standards. Mechanical Fitters are required to use precision measuring instruments to check parts for accuracy and fit with in the manufacturers specifications.


Boilermaker - MEM30319 Cert III in Engineering – Fabrication Trade

As an Apprentice Boilermaker you will gain exposure in constructing, assembling, maintaining, and repairing major and minor frame housing and chassis used in mobile and stationary plant and equipment. The trade entails aligning structures, frames or plate sections to assemble this equipment, following manufacturers blueprints and drawings. The work involves the use of a varied range of hand, welding and power tools.


Electronics and Communications - UEE30920 - Certificate III in Electronics and Communications

As an Electronics Apprentice the work you do will involve the testing, repair and maintenance of complex automation and control equipment used on underground mining machinery. This type of Apprenticeship is only offered in our Rockhampton QLD facility.


Electrical Fitter - UEE33020 - Certificate III in Electrical Fitting

Electrical Fitters will assemble, fit and repair electrical plant and machinery. This nationally recognised training course also includes electrical wiring work. Tasks will include electrical safely on-the-job and in the workplace, fabricating and assembling components, problem solving along AC and DC circuits, working with single and three phase low voltage machines, terminating cables and cords, connecting electrical control circuits, and other specialist skills.


Customer Support Representative - AUR31020 – Certificate III in Automotive Sales

Automotive Parts Interpreters sell automotive parts and accessories. An apprenticeship in parts interpreting is the pathway that leads to a variety of career opportunities. This role is suitable for an individual who has an interest in IT/Window's based programs and have an interest in motor vehicle parts and have good communication and sales skills.

Automotive Parts Interpreters sell automotive spares, replacement parts and accessories across a variety of industries we support including Earthmoving, Construction, Mining, Agriculture and Forestry. Parts can include air filters, oil filters, whole engine and transmission assemblies and hydraulic components.