Optimal Fleet Recommendation

Komatsu Australia’s Optimal Fleet Recommendation (OFR) service, provided through our Technical Services Department, is designed to maximise the performance of your equipment based on individual customer requirements. With guidance from our experienced team, you not only buy the right machine for the right job, but your equipment works to maximum capacity – resulting in higher job efficiency, increased production and optimal component life.

How does Optimal Fleet Recommendation work?

In today’s competitive markets, we recognise that customers need to achieve maximum job efficiency in their working environment and gain every advantage to increase production and efficiency, and lower operating costs.

Our trained Technical Services people will assess your working environment and make recommendations on the best options to enhance your productivity and maximise machine performance.

Our OFR assessments can apply to fleet recommendations for potential contractors, as well as to your current worksite setup where advice can be based on the circumstances.

As part of the OFR process, we work with our customers to:

• Maximise the reliability and durability of their equipment
• Improve overall fleet performance
• Minimise machine downtime

OFR services available include:

• Machine compatibility analysis
• Maximum productivity analysis
• Job efficiency analysis
• Specification comparisons
• Fuel consumption rates
• Cycle times
• TALPAC haulage and loading simulation analysis.
For more information on Komatsu’s Optimal Fleet Recommendation service, please call 1300 566 287 to speak to your nearest Komatsu Customer Support Representative.