Fix It First Time

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Our “Fix It First Time” concept ensures that customers’ machine issues are identified, addressed and resolved in the shortest possible time, and on the first visit – minimising downtime and keeping repair and service costs to a minimum. 

This is part of our holistic approach to machine monitoring, troubleshooting and servicing.
Komatsu’s ICT (Information Communications Technology) systems – which include Komtrax and Condition Monitoring Services – help to ensure that the issues arising on a machine are fully understood and diagnosed, prior to a Komatsu technician attending your job site.

This preparation, in combination with our fully qualified in-house technicians, means that a technician with the right skills, the right parts and the right tools is dispatched together to get your machine back to work quickly.

By reviewing the latest machine ICT information prior to arriving at the machine, our technicians can understand how the machine has been operating in previous days and weeks, including any abnormalities which have occurred. 

For more information on Fix It First Time, please call 1300 566 287 to speak to your nearest Komatsu Customer Support Representative.