In 1965, a little-known Japanese construction equipment manufacturer – but with a fast-growing reputation – began selling a range of dozers in the Australian market through a distributor. 


Today, Komatsu is a major supplier to the construction, quarrying and mining industries, offering a full range of some of the most innovative, advanced and productive machines on the market. And as a result, career opportunities are endless in various fields of expertise.


At Komatsu, we are always looking for good people to come and join the Komatsu family. Our vision is to be indispensable to our customers by having the most professional, skilled and engaged people who drive innovation. With over 3,400 employees across our Oceania operations (covering Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia and Indonesia) we offer the opportunity to have more than just a job. We offer a long-term career with ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure our people are always growing in a supportive team environment that fosters creative thinking.


At Komatsu, we consider ourselves family where we meet challenges together, solve complicated problems together, strive for a better future together and most importantly enjoy ourselves whilst developing great friendships. Your success is our success.


Careers FAQ

  • What employee benefits do Komatsu offer?

    • Flexible work arrangements
    • Corporate rates for private health Insurance - Bupa
    • Discounts on health insurance premiums – Southern Cross
    • LifeWorks Employee Assistance Program
    • Discounts on Apple products and accessories
    • Discounts on DELL products
    • Discounts on Lenovo products
    • Discount on Microsoft Office for your home computer
    • Certificate lll in Business
    • Diploma in Leadership and Management
    • Education Support Program
    • Novated car leasing
    • Hirepool discounts
    • Toyota & Mercedes-Benz discounts and deals
    • ANZ discounts and deals
    • Christmas gift card
    • Superannuation & Income Protection
    • Bonus program
    • Professional membership fees paid
    • Employee referral program
    • Travel deals and discounts
    • For details visit

  • How do I apply for a job at Komatsu?

    Ready to kick start your career at Komatsu?

    Follow this link to search and apply for a job at Komatsu:

    At Komatsu we have a range of part time and full time jobs available, from trade roles to data scientists to engineering, sales professionals, operations, warehouse administration and more.

    As a leader in mining and construction earthmoving equipment we offer a Safe and Inclusive Culture, and with heavy investment in training and development you will work with cutting-edge technology.

    Enjoy the great benefits and job security that comes with a 100+ year old company. 

  • What happens after I apply for a job at Komatsu?

    We are a 2023 Circle Back Initiative Employer – we commit to respond to every applicant.

  • Is Komatsu committed to Gender Equality?

    We are a 2023 Circle Back Initiative Employer - we commit to respond to every applicant.

    Komatsu is committed to gender equality and places great emphasis on continuing to improve the status of women in our company, our industry and our communities. 

    Gender equality is a fundamental commitment of our Diversity Equality and Inclusion strategy – EveryONE Counts. 

    EveryONE Counts aims to build a culture where we value each individual’s contribution as well as the contribution of the collective. 

    ONE is you, it’s about recognising that you come with your own experiences, culture, preferences, ambitions and identity so you bring your authentic self to work.  It’s about the freedom to raise concerns, express opinions and share ideas. 

    EveryONE is about harnessing the value each person brings through collaboration, learning from each other, trust and respect … making Komatsu a great place to work.