How does Komatsu's Smart Solutions work?

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Smart Solutions starts with Komatsu’s unique and unrivalled line of smart mining products. 
The amount of data flowing off connected mining equipment has grown exponentially in recent years.


Our mining products now stream more than 60,000+ data points per second – more than double what was measurable just a few years ago.
In the five years from 2018, we anticipate this number will grow to half a million data points per second.


By starting with a foundation of best-in-class dantotsu (unrivalled) mining products that can be programmed for specific operational conditions, we can leverage our data insights to further optimise performance and reduce unplanned downtime.


With a focus on safety first, Komatsu provides essential services to maximise availability, prolong machine life, optimise performance and help customers tap into the advancing capabilities of connected products.


Working hand-in-hand with mine site crews, our Smart Solutions teams help implement technologies and services to consistently help improve mining operations.


From technical and field service teams to life cycle management and monitoring, our wide range of service offerings can be customised to directly address customer needs.



Smart Solutions leverage connectivity, big data, high-speed computing and advanced analytics to optimise performance in real time.


To accurately predict machine behaviour, first we need an understanding of what “normal” looks like. Customised software models, known as “digital twins”, are built that are unique to each machine and the conditions they work in. As the conditions change, so do the models and predictions.


We achieve our effective data analytics by focusing on abnormalities in the data compared with typical operation, and highlighting abnormal behaviours to improve performance.